Drop your kids off for some soccer, play ground activities and other fun games at Kandle Park starting at 9am-1pm!

Most of you know me as the soccer but I also design age appropriate activities for general fun and fitness.  Rest easier for at least half the day and have your kids in a safe and fun place.  We have access to the play field, playground and restrooms at Kandle Park when needed.  And, the weather will be good!

Don't stress, just bring a lunch, have your kids wear athletic type clothing, sun screen and maybe a hat for the younger ones.  We take breaks like every other camp and snack breaks during the day.   And your kids will have fun...  

Siblings encouraged.   Ages:  6yrs.-14yrs only $35 a day!

Register first and pay online for the first day then you can drop-In after that for as long as the teachers are on strike and pay on location.

Register Here

Registration Required for your first day, then you can just drop-in and pay on location as long as the teachers are on strike.

Currently 10/6 is our first day of Camp and will continue each weekday until we're all back at school...


Don't worry, we've got your back with our "Teachers STRIKE Kids Camp!"

​Only $35 a day from 9am-1pm

New indoor location this week at

Jane Clark Park!