Soccer Specific - Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ)

Speed, agility and quickness is all a skill that can be learned!  Everyone can learn to play faster, run faster and think faster on the soccer field using our nationally recognized STUSA Soccer Speed System. 

That's right, there are specific techniques and principles which allow for greater and greater gains in speed, fitness and athleticism!

Our unique soccer specific speed system focuses on:

  • Learning precision speed and quickness techniques in tested and proven soccer speed drills,
  • High repetitions to develop the muscle memory that produces effectiveness under pressure and,
  • Explosiveness exercises that build the power and strength to maintain your new level of speed for the entire game.
  • Systematized and Predictable Speed Increases!

Speed Trainers USA has developed a proven and tested Soccer Speed System which increases speed, effectiveness and confidence on the soccer field.  Average increases in speed with are system are 3%-12% in explosive running and cutting speed and over 100% in foot speed coordination.

We've worked with Professional and National Team Players but our main focus is on the Youth Soccer Player.  We are based here in the Greater Seattle / Tacoma area ready to make you faster in all areas of your game!

Team Discounts Available.

Increasing the speed of one player

on your team and its good for that individual...

Increase the speed of the entire team

and you Compete at a Different Level!

Director Chochi Valenzuela