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in our Fall 6 Week SAQ Programs!

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"Developing Explosive Quickness,
Fast Foot Work and Game Speed Effectiveness
for kids who love soccer is what we do best!"

::  What's New for Spring 2015?  :: 

Soccer Shooting Academy's And SAQ Sessions!
Our specialized weekly training modules include 60-75 minutes of:

  • Shooting techniques for more power and consistent accuracy.
  • Goal scoring tactics and strategies that get you in the right place at the right time.
  • A variety of speed and agility drills to help you get off a quicker shot.
  • Mindset training to strengthen your resolve to take the shot and reduce the negative self-talk when you miss.
  • Strength, speed and soccer specific agility training.

Soccer Shooting Academy's
:: One Day Shotting Sessions :: 
$25 ea.

Mar. 27 - in Ballard at Loyal Heights, 7:30pm-8:45pm.
Mar. 28 - in West Seattle at Delridge, 11am-12pm.
Mar. 28 -
in Beacon Hill at Jefferson,  1pm-2pm.
Apr. 17 - in N. Seattle at Ingraham HS,
:: Weekly Shooting Sessions ::

Monday's - in Des Moines at Mt. Rainier HS 5:30pm-6:45pm and 4/27 at Walt Hundley in West Seattle.
5 weeks:
3/30, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27
Price: $125

Wednesday's in Beacon Hill - Jefferson, 7:30pm-8:45pm
6 Weeks: 3/18, 3/25, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29

Price: $135

Soccer SAQ Academy's
:: Weekly SAQ Sessions ::

Monday's - in Seattle at Lower Woodlands #2,

5 weeks:
3/30, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27
Price: $125

There are few things in soccer more enjoyable than spending time in front of the goal and training with your friends.

Invite your friends and teammates to join you!

Drop-in at any location = $25 per session.  Register Here Pay online or cash at the field.  Please bring exact change!

Private sessions available - click here for prices.

Group Private Sessions  -  Our Group Private sessions are great for like minded player at a similar level.  Gather a group of 6-8 players for a more individualized and dynamic learning environment.
To schedule your group session email us at: 
speedtrainersusa  (at)  gmail  .  com

Team Discounts!
Increasing the speed of one player is good for the individual... Increase the speed of the entire team and you Compete at a Different Level!

Register 10 or more players from your team to our Open programs and get $10 off each registration.  Contact us for payment options at
speedtrainersusa  (at)  gmail  .  com

I highly recommended K-Bands for all our Soccer SAQ and Ball Skills Programs!

MyoSource Kinetic Bands

Module #1: Scoring with Speed!
  • Learn how to finish more one and two touch shots.
  • 'First to the ball, first to score' quick reaction training.
  • Learn our famous "Quick Release" shooting technique.
  • SAQ shooting races to increase control and proprioceptive awareness.
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See what we do at our camps
and club programs:

Plan for our Summer Speed Programs with your teams!
All Camps Run 4 days
Two age groups U8-U12 & U13-HS

Camp Highlights:

  • Fun Speed and Agility Games each day
  • 1000 touch drills for outstanding ball control
  • Competitive small-sided games
  • Unique soccer specific speed,agility courses.
  • Shooting Games and Competitions
  • Brazilian Juggling Moves
  • and Much More!

Read what parents are saying about our training programs and camps:

"Hi Chochi, just wanted to say thanks for the camp during spring break a couple of weeks ago.  Terence learned a lot and had a great time as well.  He said it was one of the best camps he has attended.  When I inquired about how Terence did over the week, I appreciated the feedback and explanation to any questions I had.  It gave me a better understanding of how he was training and what more we can work on to improve his skills.  

I was really impressed with the amount of different drills offered to the kids and how organized you and your team were.  I know it's not easy to keep the attention of young kids ranging from 6-13, but everyday, it looked like they were all having fun yet being challenged.  The drills looked fairly basic individually, but combined with other drills created a more challenging system.  I liked that the emphasis was not on speed at first, but getting the technique down and then working on speed.  Please extend our thanks to Coaches Jake and Ken as well, they were always so positive and encouraging.  I appreciated that there was no tolerance for any negativity and anything of the sort was dealt with accordingly.  There was definitely a strong emphasis on team and team building.  

With the knowledge from camp, Terence is better prepared for tryouts coming up this week and will take what he learned to the field.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Please feel free to pass along any information about any upcoming camps in the future.  

Take care,
"Hi Chochi, my daughter Annie participated in the Seattle United SAQ training, and loved it.  She and her friends were wondering if another session is starting up soon. We parents were also hoping it would begin soon, so that players can build on what they gained, keep momentum through state cup, and go into tryouts with strength.

"My kids loved today... the parachutes were a big hit.

Hey Chochi,  just wanted to let you know Emery had his first practice of the new season tonight, and his coach pulled him aside and commented on how much better his footwork has gotten!!!  Impressive!  I haven't been pushing them that hard either! 

Anyways, thanks...


:: Send your whole team and get results like these ::

"We won First Place"
"It was the best camp I've ever been to - seriously... "


"Thank-you so much for teaching me how to use the speed ladder. 
It was the best camp I've ever been to-seriously.

It's really helped me tons with my speed; I used to get tired easily in a game, but know since you've helped with conditioning I don't get tired as easily.

My whole team, (Tri-City Lightning) uses it at practice and in warm-ups before a game a lot, in fact we won 1st place in the Beaverton Cup Tournament; it's the first tournament we've played in since the camp.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your camp. Can't wait to see you next year!"

Thanks again,  Lexi Ellingsen  Tri-Cities, Washington

Undefeated State Champions!
"... this was the quickest and fastest team
in the state!"

"Hello Chochi, 
Just to let you know about this past season, the team went 21-0-2 and won the State Championship!

This was the first time we have gone undefeated, and the first championship since 1999.  Thank you for this summer (speed camp).  I am still waiting for the summer schedule from my A.D., I will let you know ASAP.

PS.  A lot of people said this was the fastest and quickest team in the state!"

David Sullivan, St. Pius HS Girls Soccer
Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Why is it so important for your kids to attend our soccer speed programs? 
~  The Soccer Speed Reality Check  ~

In Soccer there are 2 Types of Running
1)  Running with the Ball and
2)  Running without the Ball.

Simple and straight forward info right? 

Well look at this statistic:

Running With the Ball - A player runs with the ball
ONLY 1% - 3% of the time during a game.

Therefore:  He/She running without the ball
consists of 97-99% of the Game!

...  97%  -vs- 3%  ...  
Where is there the most
room for improvement?

:: What will you get in our Soccer Speed System? ::
Age appropriate programs to build foundational to advanced soccer speed & skills.  Curriculum focus:
  • Fastest Feet in America - Soccer Speed and Agility Testing
  • Super Quick Feet Drills with and without the ball
  • Explosive Moves training to get past opponents
  • Brazilian Ball Skills Program
  • Skills Testing Program from National Championship Program
  • Speed Games for Quick Thinking
  • Sprinting and Acceleration Techniques
  • Explosive 1st Step Drills
  • Body Weight Strength Training
  • and of course, Soccer Speed Games and Competitions!
PS.  Each participant will get free access to our online soccer speed and skills builder program!

STUSA - Building Soccer, Athleticism
and Confidence for 10 years!

Check out these Real Game Time Results:

"Hey Chochi, The training is really working for DK. This weekend he scored 6 goals in the playoffs, and they advanced.

No one could catch him.  He was the fastest one on the field!"

Mike Keefe
San Diego, CA

We've been developing these training new methods over the last 15 years
and now the results are outstanding!

Dear Chochi,

Thank you for providing such an amazing speed camp experience for Katie. After just four weeks, I see a remarkable improvement in her speed, footwork and confidence.

This weekend she played her best soccer game ever, and I give much credit to you for this terrific training.

Jennifer Coburn

San Diego, CA

Dear Chochi,

I just wanted you to know that after only 4 training sessions, my daughter reduced her time in the 800M by 23 seconds. She finished second in the school league track meet. The girl who finished first was obviously a trained runner.

On the soccer pitch her closing speed amazed everyone.

They all asked what she had been doing to increase her speed. I let them know of the benefits of your program.
Hopefully they will be giving you a call. Thank you!

Kellie Dyer
San Diego,CA

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We've been developing the best and most effective training methods for Soccer Speed Training available in the US.  We will show your kids how to: Play Faster...   Think Faster...   Run Faster...   than ever before!

The same Drills & Techniques the Pro's use!  Professional Methods designed for the youth soccer player! Achieve your goals in less time through training smarter and harder at the same time.  That's right, get to your goals quicker, with less time, smarter effort for quicker results.

How do we do this?
We build Athleticism and Technique First!

We teach each player how to become a quicker, faster,  more controlled, more agile with and without the ball.  Does that interest you?  We teach them how to transfer these skills into movement on and off the ball by putting them in soccer specific game situations.

We work on the techniques that build soccer speed not the ones that hinder it.  The end result is your kids confidence, creativity and fun increases dramatically because they can control their body at a higher speed.


Imagine what your game would be like if you got the the ball quicker, with more control and more confidence....

Our exercises bring out the determination vivaciousness of the players.   In a word, players at our camps play and compete with PASSION!

Now this does take hard work and focus to get the confidence and freedom we are talking about, but with passion and fun, anything is attainable.

Do the follow up training sessions at our weekly training sessions to solidify what you learn over the week.  We will have those training dates at the camp for you.

If you ever want to play at your top of your game,
you need our soccer specific speed program!

  Speed can be Learned and We Will Teach You! 

You will increase your speed in all of these areas:

1.  Physical Speed  - Control your body and technique at high speeds.
2.  Technical Speed  - Become effective, efficient and faster with the ball.
3.  Perception / Reaction Speed  - avoid dangerous tackles and become calm and confident in tight high-pressure situations, come out of pressure situations with the ball.
4.  Explosive Speed  - Jump higher, take off faster, get to the ball quicker and keep it longer.
5.  Creative Speed - be the kind of player college recruiters look for.  Play with personality and do it Quickly and with Flare!

Come to the camp that gives you the tools
to get to the next level!

Chochi Valenzuela - Director

PS.  We are scheduling Camps for 2013 and 2014
Give us a call today and bring us to your city: 206-288-3600