I Made It!  I went from Select-to-Premier!

  • Lourdes Baehr:  Select player moved to Premier with Seattle United!  Trained three times a week in the S2P program.
  • Ralph Borromeo : Select player moved to Premier with Seattle United!  Trained twice a week in the S2P program.
  • Taylor Gale :  Select player moved to Premier with Seattle United and offered a spot on the top Celtic team!  Trained twice a week in the S2P program.

Select-to-Premier (S2P)

Advanced Training Program

Serious training with with serious players.

One more week added to the Programs!

Now, 6 weeks of advance training once, twice or three

times a week in Seattle and Tacoma.

New Spring Dates listed below.

Going from Select-to-Premier just got harder!  This year, in the Seattle area opportunities for our better, stronger and more talented select soccer players to move from select-to-premier team is harder than ever.

Tryouts are all but upon us and you're kids need to be training as hard as they can in a possitve but challenging environment with other like minded and driven players.  Soon your kids will be competing with many for a place on a team.

It won't be easy and their are no guarantees, but...

If your kid(s) has the desire, the drive and the talent base, our special program can take them over the top to their next level!  We specialize at teaching players how to train to get to the next level.  Turning hard work and desire into effectiveness!

Choose 1x, 2x or 3x a week of training.

TWICE a week or more is HIGHLY Recommended.

Highlights of this program can include some of the following:

  • Professional skills curriculum from Brazilian pro team.
  • STUSA Soccer Speed Endurance Conditioning System
  • Individual Written Assessments
  • Video Analysis when possible
  • Speed Testing using the STUSA Soccer Speed Systems.
  • Skills Homework and training handouts.
  • Specialty K-Bands training equipment available.  Add $30.00

This is your best opportunity to help your kids from Select-To-Premier.  Intense training 1 to 3 times a week with other top players using our proven player development systems.

Sessions are geared to improve each individual's skill and fitness level with and without the ball through intense training sessions with one single focus - to give your kids the best chance get chosen for a Premier team at the upcoming tryouts.

This program is for the top select players in the area only!  If you're one of the top players on your team and you have a strong desire to play premier soccer then this is for you. 

Our Second S2P intake begins week of March 27th, 28th, Apr. 2nd. 

Currently training days are Monday's, Tuesday's and Sunday's.  We've added another week to make it a 6 Week Program!

Age Groups:  U9-U12, U13+ .  Limited to 18 players per session.

Training Day's:  Wednesday's, Thursday's and two sessions available on Sunday's.  Make up sessions:  If you cannot make one of these day's you can make it up by attending one of the other Weekly programs listed on this page.

Training Locations Include:

  • Seattle: Washington Park, Loyal Heights CC, Lower Woodlands #2, Jefferson Playfield,  and Georgetown.
  • Shoreline:  Shoreline A/B
  • Tacoma:  Truman MS, Vassault Park, Wilson HS and Baltimore Park.

Space is Limited to 18 players per age group.

Register Today and let only the best players on your team know about this extraordinary opportunity to be trained like professional players!

::  Semi-Private Sessions  ::

Our Semi-Private sessions include SAQ, Fast Footwork Training with and without the ball and Power Shooting and Finishing.


Sat. 7/22:   12:30p-2:30p @ Lower Woodlands #2.
Sun. 7/23:  12:30p-2:30p @ Lower Woodlands #2
Tue. 7/25:  1pm-2:30pm  @ Loyal Heights CC.
Thu. 7/27:  1pm-2:30pm  @ Loyal Heights CC.

More dates coming...

Register Today!

Summer Camps and Weekly Training

​All Sport Speed Camps

Highly recommended for each player:

K-Band Training Equipment. 

Very effective for increasing speed and

quickness with and without the ball.

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Send your whole team and get a 10% Discount!

Contact us for details: (206) 288-3600

Summer Weekly Programs, Camps and Team Discounts!

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​::  Topic Specific Summer Camps  ::
Seattle & Tacoma

10% Team Discounts Available call :  206-288-3600

'Topic Specific' camps are extremely valuable for those who really want to develop their skills and better themselves.  Focusing on two or three aspects of the game for a week is a great accelerator to each individual's skill development. 

  • Taught using our STUSA Soccer Training System.
  • Highlight Video of camp action available to each person.
  • Camp t-shirt and water park break (if available at location).
  • Small Sided games at all camps - including SAQ Camps

SEATTLE:   July 24-28, 2017  9am-1pm   (Mon.-Fri.)

:: Register for July 24-28 ::

Curriculum:  Power Shooting and Finishing Techniques

and Agility training score more goals! 

Location:  Ballard - Loyal Heights CC

Age groupings:  U8-U11, U12-U15

Price:  $175

TACOMA:  July 31 - August 3, 2017   9am-12:30pm   (Mon.-Thur.)

:: Register for July31-August 3 ::
Power Shooting and Finishing Techniques,
Agility and shooting games to help you score more goals! 

Location:  Truman MS - Grass
Age groupings:  U8-U11, U12-U15, U16+
Price:  $155

SOUTH SEATTLE:   August 7-10, 2017  9am-1pm   (Mon.-Thur.)
:: Register for Aug. 7-10 ::
Power Shooting and Finishing Techniques
and Agility training score more goals!

Jefferson Playfield - Turf
Age groupings:
 U8-U11, U12-U15

NORTH TACOMA:  August 14-17, 2017   9am-12pm   (Mon.-Thur.)
:: Register for August 14-17 ::
  Soccer Speed and Agility (SAQ), Balls Skills, Soccer Games and more!
  Vassault Park
Age groupings:
 U8-U11, U12-U15, U16+

10% Team Discount!

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Shooting & Agility Camps!

Advanced Skills and Conditioning