2018 Fall Programs


Make Up Dates for December

The sessions are for those who already paid and are making up a missed session or two.  Otherwise, drop-in is available for $20 per session.

Sundays:  12/23, 12/30  Wilson HS

​​10am-11am:  The Pro Touch Revolution - Ball Skills with a Purpose!  Level:  PT1 - Discovery & PT1 Path Finder   Drop-In $20 cash.

11am-12pm:  Power Shooting and Finishing Techniques!

I Made It!, I went from Select-to-Premier
in the S2P Program!

  • Lourdes Baehr:  Select player moved from Select to Premier with Seattle United!  Trained three times a week in the S2P program.
  • Ralph Borromeo : Select player moved from Select to Premier with Seattle United!  Trained twice a week in the S2P program.
  • Taylor Gale :  Select player moved from Select to Premier with Seattle United and offered a spot on the top Celtic team!  Trained twice a week in the S2P program.

Select-to-Premier (S2P)

Advanced Training Program

Serious training with with serious players.

Training is available once, twice or three

times a week in Seattle and Tacoma.

New Spring Dates listed below.

Going from Select-to-Premier is harder than ever!  This year, in the Seattle area, opportunities for our better, stronger and more talented select soccer players to move from select-to-premier team is getting harder.

If you're kids are frustrated because they've been close to making it to the next level but keep falling just short, it's usually because they're not training the right way.   Training to improve is a lot different than just going out to practice with your teams.  Learning the difference at our S2P training will give them a real chance.

It won't be easy and their are no guarantees, but...

Training as hard as you can in a positve but challenging environment with other like minded and driven players gives is the only way you're going to have a chance to move up between now and tryouts.  This is what the S2P program is all about - helping you get to the next level.

If your kid(s) has the desire, the drive and the talent base, our special program can take them over the top to their next level!   

Choose 1x, 2x or 3x a week of training.

TWICE a week or more is HIGHLY Recommended.

Highlights of this program can include some of the following:

  • Professional skills curriculum from Brazilian pro team.
  • STUSA Soccer Speed Endurance Conditioning System
  • Individual Written Assessments
  • Video Analysis when possible
  • Speed Testing using the STUSA Soccer Speed Systems.
  • Skills Homework and training handouts.
  • Specialty K-Bands training equipment available.  Add $30.00

Sessions are geared to improve each individual's skill and fitness level with and without the ball through intense training sessions with one single focus - to give your kids the best chance get chosen for a Premier team at the upcoming tryouts.

This program is for the top select players in the area only!  If you're one of the top players on your team and you have a strong desire to play premier soccer then this is for you. 

Two Age Groups:  U9-U12, U13+ .  Limited to 18 players per session.

Training Day's:  TBD  Make up sessions:  If you cannot make one of these day's you can make it up by attending one of the other Weekly programs listed on this page.

Training Locations Can Include:

Space is Limited to 18 players per age group.

Register Today and let only the best players on your team know about this extraordinary opportunity to be trained like professional players!

What is 'Pro Touch - Ball Skills With a Purpose!' and Why it's a Better Skills Program for You?

Hi All, it's Chochi Valenzuela and I'm super excited about the New Ball Control Program I'm calling "PRO TOUCH - Skills with a Purpose!"   I'm not sure if I should call it a Revolution in ball skills training or possibly the Evolution of training ball control and dribbling for soccer players.  Either way, it's going to help YOU become a dominant player on the ball!   

What makes this program different?

Other ball skills programs focus in two narrow areas: 

  1. Number of touches on the ball and,
  2. Fitness and/or quicker foot speed with the ball.  

PRO TOUCH - Ball Skills with a Purpose does that and much much more!  All our training is based on the most important aspect of any skill acquisition, "Tactical Application".  This is a fancy phrase that means not just 'What' to do (like those other outdated models of 'ball skills' training) but 'How' and 'When' to use it Effectively.

Pro Touch Focus On These 4 Areas:

  1. Touches with a Tactical Focus - Each dribbling activity we do is building the technical/tactical foundation to beat several players on the dribble and teaches you how to become dominant player on the ball.

  2. Movement Specific Speed and Agility Exercises to strengthening those muscles and movements needed to get around multiple defenders.

  3. High Repetitions needed to build the essential muscle memory to react positively during game pressure.  And,

  4. Creative Expression that allows your to discover and bring your 'personality to the pitch', because individuality and flare is exciting and hard to defend!

Be assured, we don't look for perfection in our sessions, we look and train for Effectiveness!

Pro Touch - Skills with a Purpose!  Each touch we do has a tactical purpose and leads to a specific outcome on the field.  That means that every time you train using the Pro Touch Method you get closer to true effectiveness

Space is Limited to 18 players per age group.

Register Today and let your team know about this extraordinary opportunity to be trained with the Pro Touch Methods!

Train with Purpose!

Coach Chochi Valenzuela

Highly recommended for each player:

K-Band Training Equipment. 

Very effective for increasing speed and

quickness with and without the ball.

Add it to your cart at checkout. 


"You don't have to beat yourself up to become the best you can be.  Our training programs are Fun, Effective and Challenging!  You'll train hard, but at the end of the day, you'll still love soccer!"

Chochi Valenzuela - Director

2018 Fall Programs


Saturdays and Sundays:  

Private and small group sessions available by request.

Better Your Game Today with

these 4 great programs​:

Program Descriptions

  • Soccer Specific SAQ (Speed- Agility- Quickness) - Run Faster, Play Faster and Think Faster in every aspect of your game!  Speed, Balance, Strength and Coordination is the foundation of all athletic success.  Join us for a very Soccer Specific SAQ program and build your foundation for success...

  • New! Pro Touch Revolution - Ball Skills with a Purpose!  More than touches on the ball, this is Ball Skills with a Purpose!   ​Do you want to learn the next level of balls skills, maybe dribble through 3 or more  players in the penalty box, be incredibly effective on the dribble?  Then this new program is for you!

    Pro Touch is a 3 level program -  PT1, PT2 and PT3.  And, each training 
    level has 3 modules:  PT1 modules are called Discovery, Path Finder and Adventurer!  Each module is a 6-8 week program done once a week.  It's essential to pass each module before you move on.  So, PT1 is where everyone starts regardless of experience or ability because it sets the foundation for the success you desire..​.

  • S2P! - Select-To-Premier!  Advanced training program for serious players who want to play and excel into the Premier Divisions.  If you're not in Premier now then there's a reason.  Learn how to train the proper way to get to the next level...

  • Score More Goals! Power Shooting and Finishing Extravaganza!  Take hundreds of shots each session and learn the two best techniques for shooting with power!

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