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Feb. 5th, Shoreline:   Sunday   Time:  10am-11:45am
Kellogg MS (Turf).
   (Players needed)

  • Topics:  Agility, Agility, Agility !!!
  • How to be Quicker than the other team.
  • Using agility grids for fitness.
  • Adding the Ball into your agility workouts.

Feb. 19th, Seattle:   Sunday  3:30pm-5pm
Washington Park (Madison Valley).
   (Players needed)

  • Topics:  Acceleration Activities for developing explosive players.
  • Adding Plyometrics into your training sessions.
  • Speed Games for Teams.  (Players needed)
    Tactical use of acceleration training - separation speed.

"Speed is the New Wave of Player Development.  Come join me and learn a few in's and out's of speed development for your soccer teams.  You'll be surprised at how simple most of the methods can be.  "

Director - Chochi Valenzuela

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