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The STUSA Soccer Speed Training Systems are turning average players into faster soccer athletes with more confidence, more effective game skills, achieving inspired results!

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Current 2010 Soccer Coaches Speed Training Diploma Courses!
Course Level
Basic 9am- 6pm
one day
9am - 7:30pm
two days



More dates are being scheduled throughout the year.
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~ Basic Diploma Course ~

Fundamentals of
cer Specific'
speed training - building
powerful foundation!

  • Fundamental techniques for continuous speed development and improvement.
  • Learn by Doing Style Course that improves your ability to train soccer speed forever - like riding a bike!
  • Warming up for speed your players the right way to avoid injuries.
  • "Speed Training Diamond System" - the most useful diagram you need for teaching any new soccer or speed skill.
  • Learn the difference that Building Speed Coordination makes for your players ability to control their bodies.
  • How to measure improvement and build confidence
  • Discover our 'Hidden Training Methods of Faster Soccer Players!'
  • Of course you will get several foundational speed drills and activities for soccer player of all ages.
  • How to introduce technical speed - ball work into your speed work.

General Schedule Basic One Day Course: 
9am - 12pm:  Intro to Soccer Speed Systems and Methodolgy
12pm - 2pm:  Lunch (with assignment)
2pm - 6pm:  Practical

Basic Diploma Course Tuition:

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~ Advanced Diploma Course ~
Turning players into
Top Soccer Athletes!

Building on the foundation of the Basic Course you will learn how to take the foundational principles and create speed drills, activities and modified game situations which are so effective, they will change the way you coach!

  • The importance and design of 'Stride Length Control' drills all your equipment to build soccer speed fitness.

  • Explosive Training Exercises - plyometric training

  • Quicker Cutting and Turning techniques

  • Designing soccer speed drills for specific situations

  • Soccer Speed Conditioning programs

  • Combining Speed Drills and Activities to challenge players technique under pressure.

  • How to build "The Psychological Habits of Speed"

  • 20+ hour course with handouts and bonuses

  • Written testing and additional reference materials

Schedule for Advanced Two Day Course:
9am - 12pm:  Review and Intro to Intermediate and Advanced
Soccer Speed Systems and Methods
12pm - 2pm:  Lunch (with partner assignment)
2pm - 8pm:  Practical Applications for Realistic Results, Testing.

Advanced Course Tuition:

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Soccer Speed Training is The New Wave of Player Development!

Yes coach, you can build faster players by learning a few simple but effective techniques, understanding our soccer speed training methodologies and which drills to do,  and more importantly, which one's not to do!

We take the mystery out of speed training for you and put it into terms that any soccer coach can understand - regardless of which level you are coaching.  We call this Soccer Specific Speed Training and it Works!

You will come away from this diploma course with more confidence and enthusiasm for player development than you maybe ever had before.  Your training sessions will be more fun, you players will get better training and fitness and not even realize it.

Just imagine how valuable you will become to your club, your parents and your kids when you finish the course and begin applying your new found knowledge. 

And, most importantly along with having faster players who are executing better and better each week, you will be able to grow a new level of confidence in your players and yourself.

Don't be left behind, Catch the Wave Today!

Coach, take a look at some of these common frustrations and concerns.

  • My players keep getting beat to the ball and we are losing our now in the games confidence...
  • There is this one team that we can't seem to beat and I can't get my players up fpr the game...
  • We want to give our kids the best chance to win the league but I don't know how to get past this one team ...
  • My team is not that good and we just want to win more games and have a good experience this year...
  • I want to find a way to build more confidence in my kids, they just seem to not be enjoying soccer lately...
  • I see what you do at the camps and I wish we could do this with my kids all year...
  • I've been looking to bring some kind of speed training to my team but you are so far away...
  • The facility in town is too expensive and they don't know anything about soccer...
  • Gosh, if my kids could just be a little faster then maybe they would enjoy playing alittle more...
  • I can really see this helping but I don't know how to teach speed...
    It doesn't have to be like this...

An increase in the speed, quickness and agility of your team
would get you past the majority of these obstacles!

Our Soccer Specific Speed Clinics give you the cutting edge techniques and methods that create faster, more confident soccer players and it's done in an easy to understand format.

Imagine what you will feel like when you see your kids confidence increasing right in front of because you were able to teach them just one of the techniques in the course like "How to increase your speed by 15% by coordinating your upper body and lower body for maximum speed."

No matter what level you train at these speed techniques, agility sessions, coordination building exercises and speed games will take you and your players to the next level year after year. 

Try and tell me you don't want to be the kind of coach who can provide that for your players, you can't!

Look at what this one coach got out of attending the courses:

"Chochi,  Thanks again for the special weekend. It was my birthday yesterday (and I felt all 53 years this morning) and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

It's funny. I compare you to Sherlock Holmes.

Now Sherlock would amaze people with his insightful deductions.  They would be astounded and think him a supernatural being.  Then he would explain his "simple" deductions and they would go away thinking, well how obvious.

A lot of people could look at the speed and agility training and see the end result and think-amazing.  Then you see the drills and games broken down and they might say, Oh well sure I see how it works.

What they may or may not realize is that they just undergone a major paradigm shift in how they approach their practices.

The time spent on boring and repetitious conditioning exercises can be spent on the speed training exercise that will yield multi-dimensional benefits.

I doubt I will ever run my practices the same and I was already well aware of the benefits of speed training.

However, aside from the speed training, I greatly enjoyed watching you work with the kids and listening to how you approach different issues.

Thanks for sharing you thought processes about how to break down issues and create drills or games to address them.  Thanks for being an inspiration for positive coaching and making it fun for the kids.

I look forward to seeing you in Seattle. I followed up with Bill about getting you in here. I'll pass your name around to some other coaches.

Best Regards,"

Tom Gass,
West Seattle Soccer Club - Coach

:: Here are just a few things you will come away with ::

  • Learn to integrate the most useful speed drills into your practices
  • Gain the ability to teach techniques that produce results in just one session
  • Become skilled at choosing the right speed activities for your players
  • Discover how to use special speed training equipment for accelerated results
  • Learn how much time to dedicate to making your players faster in each practice
  • You will be more knowledgeable then 99% of all youth soccer coaches in the country when it comes to speed training your team after this course!

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Get the know-how to build your players into faster athletes using our soccer speed system for assessment and correction.  As you apply your new knowledge to your sessions you will see a whole new level of enjoyment and results with your players. 

If you take this training course seriously and apply what you learn and you will see measurable improvement
in your ability to compete and grow faster players throughout the entire season.

Mark my words!  Use this training as directed, throughout the season and there will be a big game you win because you were a little bit faster than the other team.  When you are just a little bit faster and sharper in the last 20 minutes of the game magical things happen...

I say this out of my own playing experience and from the feedback that I get from teams, coaches and parents I've worked with.

These are the testimonties (I like to call them reports from the field) we get from coaches and parents all the time.  Note, I didn't say some of the time I said ALL THE TIME!  And, you will get them too as you go through your learning curve and devote one or two days at the Diploma Courses.

You've got to get registered today!  Move your calendar around to make it happen do what ever you need to do because it's worth it! 

I feel so strongly and confident how this course will transform the way you train your players that I've included a 100% , No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee on the course!

Now you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by attending!

Start gathering a list of results like this:

"Hello Chochi,  Just to let you know about this past season, the team went 21-0-2 and won the State Championship!

This was the first time we have gone undefeated, and the first championship since 1999.  Thank you for this summer (camp).  I am still waiting for the summer schedule from my A.D., I will let you know ASAP.

PS.  A lot of people said this was the fastest and quickest team in the state!"

  David Sullivan, St. Pius HS Girls Soccer Coach
Albuqureque, New Mexic

"Hey Chochi, The training is really working for DK.
This weekend he scored 6 goals in the playoffs, and they advanced.

No one could catch him.  He was the fastest one on the field!"

Mike Keffe,
San Diego

insert:  By the way, "DK"this is the kid who you can see on the Speed Wins! DVD that was having the most trouble getting through the speed ladder two years earlier!

Dear Chochi,

I just wanted you to know that after only 4 training sessions, my daughter reduced her time in the 800M by 23 seconds. She finished second in the school league track meet. The girl who finished first was obviously a trained runner.

On the soccer pitch her closing speed amazed everyone.

They all asked what she had been doing to increase her speed. I let them know of the benefits of your program. Hopefully they will be giving you a call. Thank you!"

Kellie Dyer,
San Diego

As you grow yourself as a coach
you open up new possibilities for your players!

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Why Does Our Training Work So Well?

 ~A little known Fact ~

A soccer player touches the ball about 3% of the game,
he other 97% they are running, sprinting, turning, accelerating,
decelerating and reacting to the game environment...

We improve players in the biggest portion of their game ~ the 97%

Discover How to Maximize your Results

within your allotted Practice Time!

Look at some of the organizations we've worked with

US YOUTH SOCCER 2006, 2009
Cal South - CYSA
Cal North - CYSA Soccer Expo
Mesa College - Men's Program
Tacoma Community College
Cascade YSC
Emerald City FC
Las Vegas Premier SC
Crusaders SC - San Diego
Scripts Ranch SC
Washington Rush
Tri-Cities Youth Soccer League
East Hudson Youth Soccer League
Carlsbad HS - New Mexico
Farmington HS - New Mexico
St Pius HS - New Mexico
North Irvine SC
Performance Soccer Conditioning
Bainbridge Island YSC
Westside Breakers
Riverside MGFM SC
Pegasus Cup
WSYSA - Soccer Fair 2007
WSYSA - Soccer Palooza 2008
WSYSA - Soccer Palooza 2009

"Speed Trainers USA has been in the business of soccer specific speed training and building faster more confident soccer players for the past 6 years and now we are teaching coaches just like you our speed secrets.

We've received lots of encouragement from many coaches and parents and just last year we were invited to present at the US Youth Soccer National Convention!

They viewed our DVD Series "Speed Wins - The Ultimate Speed Training Tool for Soccer Players" and invited us to show the coaches across the country our effective training methods for 'Soccer Speed'.

They said that they had seen lots of speed training videos but none of them really had to do with soccer.  Or, the people who produced therm were good but, they knew nothing about soccer and it showed.Anyway, they encouraged us to find a way to bring this training out to the entire country and this is the reason you are now able to take advantage of these clinics. 

I guarantee this course will transform the way you look at soccer and the way train your players!
  Director - Chochi Valenzuela 

   Speed Can Be Learned!

Don't Be Fooled by those who say you've either got speed or you don't.  Everyone can be faster with the proper training.  And, as a coach, if you can teach one technique you can teach another.

We will teach you the "Techniques of Speed" through our highly effective "Speed Training Diamond" system.  Anyone can learn this system and be able to implement it with players at all levels. 

:: Attention ::  

With More Speed Comes More Confidence!

Lets have a heart to heart... You do not need to be an expert to improve your player's speed.  You need specialized training, proven soccer speed techniques, and a commitment to apply them over a season.

We will introduce to you an easy to learn system with several speed, agility and conditioning activities that produce faster players.  And, here's what's great about our methods, you will be able to easily fit them into your practice schedules.

You will get the tools you need to work with all levels of youth players and see measurable progress over time.

Register Now and get all these extras
3 Special Workout Plans that we sell on our website for over $87.00!
20% Discount on all DVD's purchased the day of the Course!
That's an extra value of over $145.00 dollars in value!

100% Money Back Guarantee! 
 If feel like the information, techniques and training you received was not well worth your time, and that you didn't receive cutting edge ideas, techniques and methods to build your young players into faster soccer athletes, we will refund you in full at the end of the course or before.

How can we do this?  Simple, we completely believe in the training system that we've developed and we know that it will produce possitive result for anyone, and I mean anyone who uses it.

So, you have nothing to lose, get registered today.

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