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Welcome to the Speed Trainers USA's and our Soccer Specific SAQ Programs for youth and adult players and soccer coaches.

Soccer is a game of speed and skills and each player needs to maximize their speed potential with and without the ball.  Our soccer speed camps and coaches clinics help you increase the speed and skills needed to have a fun, faster and successful experience on the soccer field.
  • Develop faster, more confident soccer players who love coming to your training sessions again and again.
  • Design new dynamic soccer speed activities that fit right into your training session and have your players leaving practice knowing they improved.
  • Win More of the 'Close Games' and more importantly Stop Losing the Close Games because you have a soccer speed system that's easy to teach gets results!
  • Build the most valuable and elusive and most desired skill in sports - SPEED!
  • Learn innovative, new and better programs for Soccer Specific Conditioning and Soccer Specific Fitness that give your player's the "Game Fit Advantage!"
  • Foster and grow a new level of Confidence, the kind of confidence that a new level of speed and performance gives your players.
You just found the 1# Soccer Speed Training Resource in the USA and I look forward to helping you have a great experience coaching your teams to get bigger and faster results!

With the free drills and information in our newsletter and all the cutting soccer speed training instruction from our New Soccer Speed E-book, Coaches Diploma Courses, DVD's and other products, you are only a few steps away from becoming a way-above-average soccer coach.

Learning how to integrate soccer specific speed training into your soccer practices week in and week out will give you and your kids a huge advantage over your competition.

Seeing your players transform throughout the season becoming faster and playing more explosively with confidence, control and ease is going to be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have as a coach. 

Our Soccer Specific Speed Systems will take you step by step through a whole season of soccer speed drills and activities.

On this website you will find people who have taken this information seriously and are reaping the benefits of our products and services season after season!

Some have brought us in for a camp to train their entire organization, some invested in our the soccer speed DVD's and even more are lining up to get our new Soccer Speed Resource "How to Build Faster Soccer Players in Just 15 Minutes!"

Others are just enjoying the free information on our newsletters.

Here's my question for you...

How are you going to take advantage of this new opportunity to build your coaching skills, expand your knowledge base and become a sought after player development specialist who has the complete package of tools to take each and every player to their next level?

Soccer Specific Speed Training is the Way

"No matter what level you train at, how much experience you have or how good you think your players are - there is another level.

I give you my personal guarantee that if you use these soccer specific speed training activities and drills 'as directed' you will build faster more confident soccer players."

Chochi Valenzuela - Director of Speed Trainers USA


Check out the results our training systems, methodology and products are getting out in the real world!

"Hello Chochi,  Just to let you know about this past season, the team went 21-0-2 and won the State Championship!

This was the first time we have gone undefeated, and the first championship since 1999.  Thank you for this summer (camp).  I am still waiting for the summer schedule from my A.D., I will let you know ASAP.

PS.  A lot of people said this was the fastest and quickest team in the state!"

David Sullivan
St. Pius HS Girls Soccer Coach
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Many thanks for the DVD's.  Absolutely superb and really well explained and illustrated. I work at Blackburn Rovers in the EPL as the Technical development coach for ages 6-12 years.

I am qualified to the highest level at UEFA level but have worked predominantly with younger players for the last 12 years.

The work that you do is absolutely tremendous and we are only scratching the surface here in the UK.  Little emphasis is given to developing children's motor skills at an early age but we are trying our very best.

I believe that if we had your expertise in the UK we would be better for it..."

Andy Sasimowicz,
Blackburn Rovers FC - English Premier League

"Hey Chochi, The training is really working for DK. This weekend he scored 6 goals in the playoffs, and they advanced. 

No one could catch him.

He was the fastest one on the field!"

Dr. Mike Keefe
Parent - San Diego, CA

I love the testimony from the David Sullivan the High School Coach!

Ask yourself this:  'Why would an already successful high school program bring us in to kick off his pre-season training?'

Simple.  When you're top, everyone else is out to knock you off. 

But the other reason is simple (at least it simple for successful coaches) - when stop growing you start decaying and so do your players.

Every great program I've come across has always been out there growing themselves and their players by bringing in cutting edge training methods and programs to support and foster continued success.

This coach put his ego in his back pocket and focused on providing the best training for his players and it paid off Big!  Thanks David for bringing us in to work with your team.


You can you get results like this too.

Our training system produces results for everyone, I mean everyone who actually uses it properly. 

Will you go undefeated and be the state champions?  I don't know.

But I do know your players will run faster, think faster, execute and play faster then ever before. 

I also know that the confidence level of every individual and group who's used our training methods has gone through the roof and they are also experiencing a new level of fun in the sport!

   So  Let's Review 

Speed Trainers USA is...

All about providing proven soccer speed systems which build players who are faster in every aspect of their game, increase confidence and leaving players having more fun in training - experiencing more success and accomplishment in the in the sport...

You Are ...

The coach/trainer who can make the commitment today to become the one known for producing these breakthrough results like you've seen from our clients.


Everything you'll need to be the 'Go To Person' for soccer speed training is right here.

Weather you are a parent, a coach a personal trainer and/or a business owner looking to get the best our of the kids and people you train, we have the courses, products and services you need.

OK - Soccer Speed Secret #1 Revealed!

So no matter what you do, weather you buy a product, sign up for the newsletter or whatever...  this a core principle that you can focus on that will help you develop your players faster than ever before:

Focus on building Soccer Speed Coordination and Athleticism First - and breakthrough results will follow.

Now I didn't say "No Ball Work!  All Speed Work!"  What this means for player development professionals is this: 

If you cannot control your body at a high speed without the ball, adding the ball in will only slow down the results getting process.

You need to focus on both but, the most important ability to focus on is movement without the ball.

For this simple reason - "They are already working with the ball day after day after day.  Doing more of the same training will not get them the breakthrough results that you and your players desire.

Still Not Convinced?

"Here's an eye opening statistic for
you coaches and parents?"

A soccer player touches the ball at most 2% - 3% of the game, the other 97% they are running, sprinting, turning, accelerating, decelerating and reacting to the game environment.

We focus on and improve players in  the biggest portion the game -

the 97%!

From the Director:

"I will teach you How to Train Smarter & Train Harder on the things that produce REAL WORLD RESULTS!  What are 'real world results?'  Those things that work for soccer coaches with the limited practice time you have each week.  A Realistic Time Frame on when to expect seeing the results you are working towards, and the Best  Drills to do with your specific age groups!"

Bottom Line:   More Results in Less Time!

Chochi Valenzuela

10 year professional,
3-time All-American at USC-Spartanburg,
Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee at USC-Spartanburg,
USSF National 'B' Coaching License,
National Youth License,
NSCAA State Diploma Former Cal. South ODP-Assessor,
Director of New Mexico Soccer Schools, 
Western Regional Director of Star Goal Keeper Academy, 
Marina HS Girls Head Coach.
ICA Soccer Conditioning Diploma,
Speed & Agility Director for Mesa College Men's Soccer,
Head Coach for Tacoma Community College Men's Program
And over 30yrs camp/team coaching and player development experience...

All of our programs and services are backed up by my 100% unconditional money back guarantee!

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